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Monday, December 21, 2015

Be Your Own Boss

Whilst the majority of people are happy working for someone else, it is safe to say that there are those of us who dream of being our own boss and escaping the rat race. We no longer have to work 9-5 to make ends meet and if you require the safety net of being an employee there is nothing to stop you running your own part time business alongside your main employment.

The options open to you are working from home as a direct seller – where you sell a physical product using work of mouth, door to door selling or even the Internet, alternatively you can run an online business where you either sell products online as a drop-shipper or become an affiliate marketer and promote other peoples products – usually electronic in the form of e-books, Videos and Audio Books. It is possible to do a combination of both.

Anyone can start their own Internet business with very little income if you have the right advice. Your main input requirement will be time.  Join my FREE online Email course today and start your journey to Financial freedom.

Earning an Income Online

There are several ways to earn an online income varying from selling your own physical/ digital products, to selling a service or selling other peoples products both digital and physical as an affiliate marketer or drop shipper.

I will briefly cover each of the above in turn starting with selling your own products. There are two types of products, physical – where you sell an actual product which you own direct to your customers, the advantage of this type is sale is that you earn 100% of the profits after postal costs and advertising. The disadvantages are increased selling costs such as postage and packaging, customers generally want their purchases immediately and you need storage space for your stock. In contrast to selling a physical product, selling a digital product which you own will also net you 100% of the profits only this time without the costs of packaging, postage and storage. Once you have created a digital product it is possible to earn from that one product for years to come with nothing more than the use of an auto responder which will effortlessly take care of product delivery, customer care and follow up emails. I personally recommend AWeber - they offer an all in one service starting at just $19 per month. There are various pricing structures for those of you who already have a list of more than 500 clients. List building is vital when becoming an online marketer and I will cover this in more detail at a later date.

Next we have selling a service – typically this would be coaching, educational, mentoring, virtual assistant, translator etc. Again you would be earning 100% of all profits less your advertising costs. The main advantage of offering a service is that you may be able to offer a subscription service for continual coaching and support resulting in a residual income – again this is something we will discuss in more detail at a later date. The only disadvantage you may encounter from offering a service is that you will still be exchanging time for money unless you are using video/ audio technology enabling you to automate your service – this is only possible with educational and coaching services.

Finally we have affiliate marketing – this is where you will earn a commission for selling other peoples products, these may be physical or digital products - neither will incur packaging/ postage or storage costs.  You simply register / apply to become an affiliate marketer for your chosen products/ services. Commissions will vary from seller to seller and vary from 2% to 100% depending on the products you are selling. Becoming an affiliate marketer is simple and requires very few resources, ideally you will have a contact list and the ability to email at the absolute minimum, a website would be a benefit too as an advertising platform, building your own website is not as daunting as it may sound and I will explain the ease and speed with which you can build a professional looking website using Wordpress in a future article.  Another option to consider is social media however please ensures that this does not breach the sellers’ terms and conditions for acceptable advertising methods.

Whilst this is just a brief overview of some of the different ways you can earn online, over the coming weeks I will cover the different ways in which you can turn your dreams and goals into reality through increased wealth, spiritualism and improved health and nutrition.

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